Surprise Birthday Party Catering in White Rock

We are great at keeping secrets! Don’t believe us? Ask the birthday guy who had his surprise birthday party last weekend in White Rock and wasn’t aware of anything! We love being the catering service in birthday parties, and we enjoy them, even more, when everything’s a surprise and the birthday boy or girl hasn’t got a clue of what’s going to happen!

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His friends and family had got together at this glorious location, just a few blocks from the beach, and he arrived without suspecting a thing. It was such a secret that his wife booked and arranged our services through their daughter so he wouldn’t find out. We know he really enjoyed the evening surrounded by his loved ones while having some great Mexican food and freshly-made margaritas.

We drove our van down to White Rock and arrived at 7pm, and half an hour later we were already cooking our Mexican dishes for some hungry guests. They booked one of our 3-dish menu options, so they could get tacos, burritos and quesadillas and choose either chicken, beef or both as their fillings.

You could see the gorgeous planning the moment you got there and people were enjoying the amenities and our mobile catering service, which made us and the organizer proud and happy to have delivered our best once again!

Planning and arranging any party is hard, but all while keeping it a secret can be even harder!

That’s why our clients and friends love booking with Taqueria del Pueblo when they’re planning any surprise party. From birthday parties to engagements, promotions or even a simple meeting with friends we provide an affordable and easy service that will suit any occasion. You get to choose between our 4 different menus that will adjust to your and your guest’s needs, and can accommodate large groups of people. On ACTS Waterbash event we were serving freshly-made tacos with a timeframe of fewer than 3 minutes! And that’s not an exception: we pride ourselves on being one of the best and most efficient catering services for your events in Vancouver!

Being a mobile catering service allow us to go wherever you want to throw your party, but also being able to book and pay for all our services online make us a great choice when hosting a surprise party. And as it’s kept as secret as can be, your loved one will be none the wiser!

What it is not a secret is the quality of our delicious Mexican dishes. Not only do you get an easy to book Mexican catering service all around Vancouver, but you also get great quality food. Come and check it out yourself or read what our customers think about us!

And don’t worry, mom’s the word, your surprise party is safe with us!