Springtime Corporate Catering in Metro Vancouver

Spring is a hot season for corporate catering bookings. In the first few weeks of May we got to visit quite a few businesses in Metro Vancouver to help them welcome the warm weather and boost company morale.

For Cinco de Mayo we got invited to a killer corporate party at Nitrogen Studios on Powell street in downtown Vancouver. Their team of 75 got to chow down on a selection of our beef, chicken and vegetarian tacos followed by Mexican games, a piƱata, and some cold Coronas. Despite some slightly wet weather, the clouds broke up long enough for everyone to stay dry while they ordered & collected their tacos. Given the colder than usual spring weather, they were happy for the short food waits. It was a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and kick off one of our busiest months of the year.

Next up we got to visit some repeat clients out at Cam Clark Ford in Richmond. They lucked out with blue skies & sun and set-up tables to make the absolute best of it. Their team of 60 got to choose from a selection of beef, chicken, pork & vegetarian tacos and a selection of cold canned drinks. Since our first visit to Cam Clark Ford involved several feet of snow in February, we were pleased the weather cooperated for an awesome corporate spring party this time around.

On a mild weekday afternoon we got to serve a team of hard working delivery drivers out at Cintas in Aldergrove. The whole team was gathered for an important meeting, and their sales manager decided all 60 of them deserved a special treat for their hard work this past quarter. The taco truck was a surprise for most, and they were all super excited for such a unique treat on a Wednesday afternoon!

May & June are our busiest months for Corporate Catering & we would love to serve you too! Are you looking for a way to treat your team? Wanna kick off the summer season or celebrate the completion of a big project? Fill out a form and DOWNLOAD PRICES!

We also excel at offering delicious scratch made food for your private parties, weddings, birthdays & film sets.