TV Set Catering for “Lost in Space” in North Vancouver

Do you need Corporate Catering for your upcoming event and you don’t know who to call? Are you throwing a Company Party and you are worried about the food? No panic!

Here at Taqueria del Pueblo, in the stunning lower mainland, we know how to deliver exceptional service even to Outer Space! We have served several companies, corporate head offices, warehouses and even film sets across the region, giving them professional and trustworthy services, and quality custom-made food, of course!

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Our last Corporate Event was a crew hot snack catering for a TV Set. We joined the wonderful cast & crew of “Lost in Space”, a brand new TV series – a remake of the 1965 series with the same title – filmed in Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver and produced by NETFLIX.

It was an amazing experience: we could breath the fresh air of the north shore mountains while serving our delicious homemade mexican recipes! It was a great evening serving a hard working crew and energizing them for a late night shooting on location.

Wondering how you can book the taco truck for your film set or work site too? The booking process is fast and easy! In this case, the production office of “Lost in Space” was in a hurry, so they were looking for a food truck catering company in Metro Vancouver that could manage to work on short notice. We received their request for catering services three days before the event. No problem for us! In less than one hour they received a quote with menu options, pricing and booking details. They were happy to hear from us so promptly and we were able to answer all their questions and doubts right away. In the fast paced film industry, it is a great asset to be able to respond & act quickly. The “Lost in Space” organizer able to quickly present menu options to their team, and have their service booked within a couple of hours. By the end of the day they received their invoice, logistic details and everything was set. All confirmed in one day and only three days before shooting. Not bad, right?

Our Movie Set Catering was a service for 110 people working on set late in the evening, from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm. It was really important for them to have everything they needed to continue working with passion and energy. We work hard to offer meals made to order within minutes, so that the cast & crew are able to return quickly to their jobs. On the “Lost in Space” set scenes were actively being filmed while we served from a safe distance. Every meal was served fresh & hot and guests received their food in only 3 minutes.

Our menu options included beef, chicken, pork, vegetarian and vegan tacos. As plates were made fresh to order, we were able to meet any specific request from the cast & crew. They could eat the food right away, as they were freshly made, or they could save them for later, as each meal could be packed to go and to be taken to any people who were not able to leave their spots. A film crew is like a family gathered around a very significant goal: to tell an amazing story. And nothing brings people together like food!

Did you love our story as much as we do? If you are a Production Company and you need film set or TV shoot catering for your cast & crew you are in the right place! Follow the steps below to book us for your next special crew snack. We will get back to you right away (The “Lost in Space” experience was not just a matter of luck): we are quick, responsive and reliable.  Just what you need to get the job booked, and get back to work.

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